Help us stop the gross receipts sales tax (HB3427)

We need 90,000 signatures by September 15th so voters can vote to stop the new sales tax just passed by the Oregon Legislature.  

Under HB 3427 everyday essentials and basic needs are taxed.

Household goods


From tampons to toilet paper, all non-food items at the grocery store you buy for your families will be subject to the new tax.  Stores will pass this onto you in the form of higher prices. 

Your home and everything in it


The things you buy for your home at big box stores, services and materials to maintain your home, your car, your insurance, and home furnishings are all subject to the tax.

Healthcare and Medicine


Not only will healthcare costs go up as Oregon medical doctors get taxed on things like cancer drugs, all over the counter medicine and contraceptives are taxed too.

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